meet Ashley


Hey y’all!!

My name is Ashley and I am a very proud wife, daughter, big sister, southern gal through & through, and the business owner of Shabby Little Secrets here in Cumming, GA!

Please always feel free to reach me directly at the following:



It all started when…

I was a young girl and I was a tomboy at heart. My mom making curtains for our neighbors, baking and making the most beautiful wedding cakes for friends, and having the coolest carved pumpkins in the neighborhood are the small, incredibly influential memories that shaped the woman I am today. Let’s face it… I was eventually going to have to put the glove and bat aside, but if you had told me 10 years ago I would own a business called Shabby Little Secrets, I would not have believed you! If you had told me I would soon be making baby shower cakes and carving ornate pumpkins, I would have laughed while explaining how I could never turn into my mother! Nowadays, my response to you would be “who better to be like than my momma?” Also, while you’re here would you care to see last year’s pumpkin? Or better yet, my nephew’s baby shower cake? =I have attached a few photos of my accomplishments as these were literally just done for fun and with no guidance or experience outside of what I had learned as a young southern gal!! =)


I worked at an auto body shop for nearly 6 years. I was usually the only female employee which fit my tomboy card but left me feeling like there must be more than this that my God has planned for me. So, one day, I decided to take a huge leap of faith and I quit my job. I didn’t have work for several weeks and finally stopped asking myself what I should do and asked God. I was blown away by his answer!

We decided to have a yard sale to make up for my unemployment. At the yard sale, I had several pieces of furniture I had painted over the years as a form of stress relief. Women started asking me for my business card and even bringing furniture and leaving it for me to refinish. By the 3rd day of the sale, I had some cards with my name and number. A few weeks after that, I received a phone call and was hired for a full kitchen cabinet makeover. A few months after that, I was the new owner of Shabby Little Secrets. Here we are nearly 2 years later and our business is booming! I can’t believe how far we’ve come and how it all started with a yard sale. The ways God chooses to answer our prayers is a glorious thing!


Meet Our “Team”

I am a most blessed woman to have this man as my forever lifelong partner. I tell customers I am a one-woman operation, but let’s face it, Ladies- we couldn’t do it ALL without our men! This cutie right here works his own full time job and devotes his spare time helping me chase after my dream!! Talk about knowing your husband supports what you do!! I thank God every day for putting him on this earth for me. If y’all see me around, you will most likely at some point see my husband as well!! Meet Mr. Jones!!